How it works

Financial scheme

Fundamentum distributes 100% of the money received from the user into 3 categories: construction, to Fundamentum team – for business operations and insurance fund, in case of unexpected payments.

The costs of crediting money to the system are paid by the user
Accepted payments
Return of investment occurs at the rate of cryptocurrency to the FDM token at the time of the project

Selection, implementation of the project and accrual of profits

100% of the project implementation. The Fundamentum team considers projects with a profitability of 100% for the project implementation. Not per annum, but per project.

The project implementation takes ~18 months. We try not to take projects with a longer implementation period to show a higher capital turnover.

18 month is the average time for the project implementation

Result. For example, for 100€ invested, we have 200€ after a year and a half. This is about 60% per annum of average annual profit.

1% of the profit received is a tax on income from asset management of a real estate fund under the jurisdiction of Switzerland.

Income tax. After accruing income, the investor pays this tax on its own at the place of residence.

Legal mechanism

The issuer of FDM tokens is the Swiss company VT PLAN & SECURITY Sarl.

Tokens are issued according to the formula: m² = FDM

There is no binding of specific tokens to specific square meters. Tokens are regulated according to the Swiss law.

Total cumulative price of all square meters at the moment
Total price of all issued FDM tokens

Fundamentum sells tokens only to qualified investors

Each investor is required to undergo the following procedures before receiving an opportunity to purchase a token:

  • KYC
  • AML
  • Qualification testing (the qualification requirements for investors are determined by the country of which the investor is a resident).
This scheme of work does not oblige the company to obtain a license from FINMA

Scheme of work from construction to payments

  1. 70% of the money is allocated to the construction. For construction activities, VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL transfers 70% of the money to the country where construction is being carried out.
  2. A separate enterprise is registered for each construction site, which conducts construction and accounts for it cost. Taxes are paid only on profits from the construction activities of this company.
  3. Assessment of the property and the change in the cost of tokens. Once in 6 months an independent expert evaluates the work performed and revaluates the property. In connection with this, the price of the token also changes.
  4. Upon completion of the construction VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL independently proceeds with the sale of the property.
  5. Final evaluation of tokens. As the property is being sold, the money received is being credited to the VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL account, and the final token price evaluation takes place.
  6. Payments. VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL proceeds with the repayment of tokens and payment of money to holders. To receive money, users must transfer tokens to a special crypto account and in return receive a bank transfer. The user is not obliged to “hand over” tokens and may continue to hold them. Payment is made only on demand.
A month before the start of sales, the holders of tokens receive the preemptive right to purchase apartments, houses, business facilities. After 1 month the property goes on sale

VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL has two types of assets:

  • cash on accounts from already implemented projects,
  • meters in facilities under construction that are becoming more expensive with the advancement of construction and until its completion and sale. After the sale, this second type of assets goes into the first type.


  • 1. We put the facility into circulation — 1 000 m², 1 m² = 3 000 €, 3 000 000 € total.
  • 2. Issue 1000 FDM tokens 3 000 € each.
  • 3. The start of the construction.
  • 4. Revaluation after 3 months, the cost of 1 m² = 3 100 €, this is also the cost of the token.
  • 5. This cycle is repeated every 3 months.
  • 6. The construction is completed.
  • 7. The final price of 1 m² = 4 000 €.
  • 8. We start the sales of the apartments.
  • 9. All apartments are sold.
  • 10. The amount of 4 000 000 € is on accounts of VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL.
  • 11. Those who want apply for repayment.
  • 12. Tokens are returned to the VT PLAN & SECURITY SARL account, in return, the user receives a payment of 4 000 € for the FDM token.

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