How to buy real estate


16 Steps to Buying Residential Real Estate with Fundamentum

1. Registration
Registration with Fundamentum
2. KYC
Know Your Customer procedure
3. Buying tokens
Buying Fundamentum tokens
4. Application for the real estate object
The buyer leaves a request for the real estate object through the personal account
5. Communication with FDM representative
Discussing a deal with a Fundamentum representative
6. Tour or excursion
Virtual tour or on-site excursion
7. Agreeing to the terms of the transaction
Upon acceptance of the transaction, the buyers shall send their FDM tokens
8. Concluding an agreement at the notary’s office
Draft notarial sales agreement
9. Legal due diligence
14 days is the period of the legal due diligence
10. Agreement certification
Notarization of the sales agreement
11. Land Register
Record of the new owner in the Land Register
12. Payment to the seller
The requirement of a notary to pay the purchase price to the seller
13. Land transfer tax payment
6% of the total purchase price
14. Payment of additional expenses
~9% of the total purchase price
15. Final registration
Registration and transcription in the Land Register
16. You are the rightful owner of the property
Now you have all the rights to the real estate in Germany
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