Conditions for investors

We offer to invest in projects with gaining profit after the construction of the property

Fundamentum is searching only for profitable properties for investment. We are able to find real estate at different stages of construction and competently evaluate it to accurately estimate the profit.

Our advantage is that we know where and how to find profitable real estate facilities

Conditions for investors

Search and renovation

  • Search for profitable real estate facilities. We are searching for the real estate facilities with the best possible price.
  • Renovation of existing facilities. We buy real estate in poor condition, but in a very good location – in the center of the city, in park areas, etc. We perform the repair works of the European quality and equip the facilities with furniture. Renovation is led by an experienced designer.
Facilities with our repair are sold within 14 days

Why is it profitable to work with us

  • Over 10 years of experience. Our team is professionally engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate.
  • Evaluate the potential of locations. There are cities and countries where real estate has significant growth potential. That is why we invest only where the property is at the peak of its growth.

What are the advantages of Fundamentum tokens?

The threshold for entry into the real estate investment market in Europe starts from 250-300 thousand euros. For novice investors, this is a significant obstacle.

The Fundamentum token allows you to share property so that each investor can participate in the project with the resources it has available.

Possibility to participate in a large project with a small amount

What is the difference of investing with us and independently


Choose a piece of real estate property and a developer and take a big risk that the project will be unprofitable.

Come to the construction site and independently arrange the transaction or search for an assistant at your own risk.

You go home and wait. When a project is delivered, you are looking for a buyer for your money and are engaged in advertising the property.

With Fundamentum

No need to go anywhere. When buying a token, it automatically participates in the piece of real estate property that we selected.

The token is fully backed by real estate and this is guaranteed by

In the course of construction work, the property becomes more expensive and an independent assessment is made every 3 months according to the methodology developed by the Swiss and UAE Ministry of Finance, so you can observe how the value of the property and your investments grow.