About us

Fundamentum was created to provide simple solutions to complex problems in the real estate market

At the end of 2018, the leaders of the two construction companies invented how to provide communication between investors from all over the world and construction companies in a simple and safe way.

In February 2018, we completed the development of the technical part of our product – Fundamentum (FDM) token. Programmed on the Ethereum blockchain, FDM tokens are interchangeable, divisible, they can be exchanged for real estate, real money or cryptocurrency, and also stored in a network or hardware wallet.

Each FDM token is reserved as a square meter of real estate.

Fundamentum is represented by VT PLAN & SECURITY Sarl and is governed by Swiss law. The supervising body is the Swiss Ministry of Finance.

Part of our team

With the help of blockchain technology, we were the first in the world to set ourselves the task of financing construction in an absolutely transparent way and creating a token as an object of long-term and reliable investments. And all this with the available entry cost for participation in the project