Development strategy

We are looking for projects with an optimal ratio of investment and profitability

Each project is discussed by the qualification commission, which consists of the best experts from Switzerland.

High profitability of the project

We strive to find such projects that will bring the maximum profit to our investors. Therefore, we have no low-profitable projects.

Much higher yield

European banks and real estate investment management funds offer up to 4% per annum. We can provide much higher yield as we return all the profit earned from the amount invested in construction to the investor.

Here’s an example. A client has invested 10 000 €, 3 000 € is spent on business assistance, 7 000 € is invested in construction. When the construction is completed, 7 000 € turn into 15 000 €.

Result. 50% profit from the original 10 000 €. This amount — 15 000 € – is received by the investor. If the investor has paid by crypto currency, we exchange 15 000 € for crypto currency at the current exchange rate and return the amount in crypto currency to the investor.

Lack of intermediary banks

The absence of intermediary banks allows Fundamentum to raise funds on more favorable terms.

In this way, more interesting projects are realized in the world that will see the light of day.